Haunting voice and soundscapes....

 Deborah Henriksson is an American/Swedish artist and lyricist with a unique voice.  Her music is a mix of contemporary folk, pop and Celtic. 

Swedish music magazine Lira writes: ”The music finds its cement and individuality in the voice which is unmistakably her own.” 

Deborah released her fifth album ”Near and Far” on DHP Records and on Bongo Boy Records in August 2017.  ”Near and Far” made Deborah a Gold Medal Winner as female vocalist in the prestigious Global Music Awards.  The album was on the 1st American Grammy Awards ballot in the category ”Best Pop Vocal Album” and has received brilliant reviews in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands.  

Her songs "Whisper", "Face Your Fears", ”Share This Moment” were voted nr 1 for over twenty weeks on the Swedish Independent Chart.  Other songs have enjoyed significant radio airplay in the U.S. and Canada, but also, in the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Ireland.  Deborah has also been on several American TV programs in New York and New England and her music videos have been aired on over 60 American TV channels. 

Deborah has toured in the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Austria. 

"Vocally stunning, "Near and Far" is a fascinating album with a unique sound.  Henriksson truly shows you that she knows her strengths and leaves you in awe of her talent.  Guitarist Bengt Andersson and Mats Nyman, who played the remaining instruments, bring Henriksson's already ethereal voice to a new level.  If you're in need of something magical, look no further - "Near and Far" will have you under its spell in no time." 

Charlie Elland of folkwords.com writes: ”The more you listen to Deborah’s voice the more you find yourself laying aside the weight of the day and slipping under a magical spell.”