Face Your Fears
Single Release February 2017
DHP Records
Music by Mats Nyman, Lyrics by Deborah Henriksson

Breakers' Roar
Single Release November 2016
DHP Records
Music by Mats Nyman, Lyrics by Deborah Henriksson

Wild Fire
Single Release October 2016
DHP Records
Music by Mats Nyman, Lyrics by Deborah Henriksson
Album release date: June 5, 2014
Label: DHP Records
Distribution: Horus Music Limited
Length: 12 tracks
Music by Mats Nyman, Lyrics by Deborah Henriksson
Produced and arranged by Mats Nyman
Synopsis: "... The entire album permeates warmth and passion and a strong poetic expressivity. In addition to these aspects the album covers a wide range of styles. As before there is a certain Celtic influence..., but Deborah Henriksson offers so much more than this..." Gert-Ove Fridlund
The Heart's Cry
Album released: June 2012
Distribution: Horus Music Limited
Produced and arranged by Mats Nyman
Synopsis: Haunting songs and soundscapes from different folk traditions, some modern, with a little scent of country.
Liner notes:
The heart’s cry is that deep call within us which urges us to express ourselves and to be who we truly are. It includes all the feelings in our experience, as well as all our hopes and desires. It is joy and love, but also disappointment and loss – it is the sum of all our feelings and of our experience: it is who we are and who we dare to be.
These songs express some of those feelings which call to us. They are variations on a theme, from the hurt we hold inside to the joy of being in resonance with oneself. They are a journey through the experience of living, and as such, they echo the passion of being alive./Deborah Henriksson
“Key to everything is love, warms into a deep desire, passion and desire”
from The Heart’s Cry by Bill Whelan

Simply Christmas
Album release Date:November 23, 2009
Label:Mandarin Records
9 tracks
Synopsis: Christmas songs from different traditions.
program notes: Why Simply Christmas ?
I wanted to play with the different meanings of ”simply”: for while “simply” implies “simplicity”, it also signals that something may be plain, unembellished, or may be done easily. “Simply” also suggests that something “just is”. I wanted, simply, to create Christmas spirit and awaken our memories of a special time. I wanted to sing “simple” Christmas songs and carols without complicated arrangements. I wanted to create music where the beauty of simplicity can be seen to best advantage. I wanted a return to the essential, to the melodic core, to the eternal, to that which calls to people’s hearts and minds at Christmas. So there are no embellishments, only that which is accessible, and which touches the heart.
/Deborah Henriksson
Simple Gifts
Album release date: October 1, 2007
Label: Nosag Records
Length: 50:37
23 tracks
Synopsis: 23 tracks containing traditional Afro/Anglo-American, British and Celtic songs, and songs by American composers Paul Bowles and Samuel Barber.
Album notes: "Simple Gifts" combines different kinds of songs in order to come closer to universal experience, in order to move the listener.