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in the prestigious Global Music Awards September 2018 -
female vocalist, album "Near and Far"





Spring 2018
Three new videos, new airplay in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Sweden, Whisper and Face Your Fears nr 1 on the Swedish Independent Chart over 12 weeks (and still counting!), radio interview in Sweden, sang at The Bull Bar in Karlstad and at Folk at Heart Festival in Örebro. New review of Near and Far from Belgium and an hour’s profile radio show in the Netherlands soon to air…

This is so exciting!

My album ”Near and Far” (Bongo Boy Records) has been accepted on the 1st round of the FYC for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards®, in the category  "Best Pop Vocal Album"

Thank you to my label Bongo Boy Records, my producer and co-writer Mats Nyman and the Recording Academy for making this possible!!!




My album NEAR AND FAR is out now!  
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release August 25, 2017!

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May 2017
Just back from a GREAT time playing at The Cavern Club in Liverpool during the 15th annual International Pop Overthrow Festival.  The Cavern is a historic venue!  Also really fun to sing and hear comments from the audience – oh I heard that song on the radio (Trains) – or enthusiastic fans who say that they are really hooked on my voice – or seeing warm and friendly personal smiles and waves from ”strangers” in the audience…   Also began filming a new video on the Isle of Man – so keep watching for some spectacular scenery when it is released…  And speaking of release: new album of new songs is coming…

New Album in August! 

Busy days!

This new album is taking shape and will be released in August!

It takes its title from the song Breakers' Roar: and as always, when I write the words for my songs I like to use imagery from nature to capture and symbolize the feelings I am writing about.  I think a good song is one that people can identify with: the subject isn't necessarily autobiographical or even particularly specific or too personal - instead, it should be universal, in my opinion.  That way the song can speak to everyone.

And using nature to capture a feeling or mirror a thought is another way of being universal since we all have a relationship with nature!  Some people are attracted to trees, and forests, or mountains or flowers or expansive fields, while others love the ocean and rocky or sandy shores....  I particularly resonate with oceans and waves.

So watch for my use of nature in the new songs coming in the album, and in the meantime, you can look at nature in the songs I have already released.  In particular Breakers' Roar and Wild Fire!  But also Calling, Fly, and Snow Falls from the album TRACES.



Video Shoot in Cornwall, UK 

Back from a wonderful experience in Cornwall!  A winter storm nearly blew me away but it only added to the stark scenery and the emotions of my song "Face Your Fears" - view the end result on my video page or on my youtube channel!

Hope it carries you away, as it did me!


forward into fall... 

Moving forward into fall, lots of fun coming up!  

Two new single releases are scheduled, one in October and one in November!  These are "teasers" for my upcoming album, Breakers' Roar...

Performances closer to home - in Köping, Arboga, and Västerås - and soon - performances farther from home (hold on for details!)

Hope to see you!

Summer Season 

Beautiful Swedish summer!  It's a wonderful time to share music!  This summer I'll be visiting the natural beauty of Sweden with concerts at Skerike kyrka in Västerås, in Köping and in Värmland at Grythyttans Gästgivaregård and  Strandås Gästgiveri.  Hope to see you there!